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3 Removal Box Options

Moving home can be a mammoth of a task. First of all you have to trek around multiple estate agents trying to find your new dream home, then you have to find someone to take your old house from you (if you’re a home owner). After you’ve got all the estate agent transactions done and dusted, you’ve got to turn your attention to packing up all your worldly possessions, as well as cleaning your home. Apart from endless amounts of tape and bubble-wrap, you will also require some sort of transport vessel for your goods. There are many options when it comes to transport boxes; from the humble cardboard box to the sturdy plastic crate. Different types of transport boxes have different pros and cons – here are just a few of the different options available to you: 1)    Free Cardboard boxCardboard boxes are the most common type of transport vessel. Why are they so popular? Because they are so cheap and abundant. Although they are not the most reliable (they are subject to tearing and generally collapsing), they certainly do an adequate job for the price they cost. And by all accounts, the price they cost should be no price at all: they should be free. Go to any good, large supermarket and they should have free cardboard boxes readily available for free. These are just boxes that they are planning to recycle, so they will have no qualms not charging for them. Supermarkets are your best bet when it comes to finding free cardboard boxes, but other, large stores will also be in the same predicament of needing to get rid of many cardboard boxes on a daily basis. So if you can’t find any in your local supermarket, try your local hardware store, or furniture retailers – any store that is relatively big. 2)    Purchased cardboard boxesBut the trouble with seeking out free cardboard boxes is that they are not always the size you desire. As the saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers. And this is no truer than in relation to using free cardboard boxes. You are stuck with whatever size and shape the boxes are, and whatever condition they are in. For those who are looking for a box of a particular size and standard, you can buy cardboard boxes for cheap from any good office supply store or on the internet. Although they are, needless to say, not as cheap as free cardboard boxes acquired from supermarkets, they are still priced very modestly. Some even can be deconstructed and then reconstructed again, making them easy to store and reuse. 3)    Plastic containersCardboard boxes are good for transporting items that can take a beating or two. But if you are planning to transport fragile items, cardboard boxes are probably not the best transport vessel to use. Due to their cardboard nature, these boxes can be bent, ripped, and torn without much effort at all. Not ideal if you’re transporting valuable items and family heirlooms from your soon-to-be old property to your new one. A much more appropriate method of transporting your fragile items from home-to-home is to acquire one, or many, plastic containers. Plastic containers are strong, durable, and sturdy transport vessels, which can be used over and over again for future moves or domestic storage. As they are reusable and much more durable, it should be of no surprise to find out that they are somewhat more expensive than cardboard boxes. But, they are not intolerably more expensive – in fact they are quite economical if you could see yourself using them again and again.

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