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10 Why Don't Yous of Moving with Children

Why does everyone seem to believe that children, especially younger ones, are nothing but trouble when a family is moving? With enough time, patience, skill and the following 10 ideas at your disposal you can make your move with children work. So, why don't you just give it a try?

1. Why don't you explain in advance?
Sit down with your children and explain your intentions. Tell them the reason for moving, tell them about the new area, tell them what exactly will happen, tell them you are ready to answer their questions the whole time.

2. Why don't you show in advance?
If it's possible, take the children with you when you are shown potential new residences. They have the right of opinion too. Plus it will do them good if they know what their new room looks like, if the neighbours have children their age, and where they are going to go to school or kindergarten.

3. Why don't you make them help?
Try your best to find little things the children can do to help you. They can fold clothes and pack books, for instance.

4. Why don't you let them pack?
Packing is not rocket science. Show them how it's done, and let them pack their own books, games, toys, clothes and shoes.

5. Why don't you have them involved?
Make sure the children know everyone present on moving day. If you have hired professional movers, introduce them to the children, and let the children speak to them and ask questions. Find the time to explain every step of the moving day plan to the children, so they know what comes next. If they are old enough to read a clock or count to ten, you can trust them with looking at the time schedule and counting the moving boxes, so they really are part of the moving process.

6. Why don't you keep their precious things with them?
You might feel better knowing that your valuables are locked in a bank safe, but children only trust their eyes. They will feel better if they have their favourite things with them all day.

7. Why don't you let them decorate?
Especially in the case of their own room, allow children from deciding on what goes where, considering elements like couch pillows, pictures and photographs, books, or shoes. You can let the children choose the colour of the walls in their room, and them keep them busy all day ordering shoes or books on the stands.

8. Why don't you help them adjust?
Remember that children need help in meeting new people. They need new friends, and you can just arrange playdates with other children in the neighbourhood. Also be sure, that even if they get used to new environment quicker that most adults, they can and will brood over the old residence and people there.

9. Why don't you give them a chance to explore?
Find the time to walk slowly, and not just drive, through the new area with your children at your side. Stop and check out everything they find interesting.

10. Why don't you have them stay at home?
If you are moving during the school year, consider giving the children a week at home before they go to the new school. Use these holidays to prepare them mentally for the new school. This way you also avoid putting them under too much pressure from all the new places, people and situations for short time.

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