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Home and business removal is a daunting prospect more so if you can’t make heads or tails of what to pack. The sorting process itself is tedious and it takes real a firm resolution on which items to keep and which items to let go. With Removal Company, we can assure you of taking care of your London, UK & Europe removals from packing to moving, delivery and unpacking of all items. All you need to do is tell us what to pack and move and the job is done.

What We Offer

Call us for a FREE home and business removals survey and estimates. Wherever your house or office is located as long as you are either London-based and moving out of the city or you are from somewhere else and is bent on relocating to London, we can facilitate successful removals for you.  However, we at Removal Company need to survey your home or office first so we can gauge your moving requirements.  All you need to do is call us up and set a survey request and we will carry out the request.

Request for Survey

Call us up for a survey request. One of our highly qualified survey consultants will visit your house or office on the agreed-upon date. The inspection or survey is usually under an hour long.  Before leaving your premises, our survey consultant will be ready to present you with a list of items you need for the move. An estimation of the number of moving boxes needed for the move will be presented so is an appraised list of furniture, appliances, equipment, paintings and other items. Expect recommendations for successful London removals. If agreeable up to this point a proposal could be drafted to finalise the London removal.  Surveys and estimates are free.

Booking with Removal Company

Upon signing of the final removal contract, we will assign a team of professional movers for your home or office move. We will make the arrangements for parking suspension, the delivery of the moving boxes, other paraphernalia and any other special equipment and tools needed for successful move. If our team will do the packing, make sure that you have segregated which items to pack and which items to go.

Our professional crew at Removal Company will see to it that all your items will be boxed and ready to go according to the timescale. If there is a need for a handyman during the move, we will take care of this need too.

Intent on doing the packing yourself? No problem. Just make sure you order the right number of moving boxes from us. Do not forget the bubble wrap for fragile and delicate items.

Packing and Unpacking

No matter how much you procrastinate, at the end of the day, you still need to pack and unpack your items during  the move.  Most of our clients opt for the whole removal package of packing, moving, unpacking and storage. Expect the best for us. We use the right kind of packing boxes and crates for different types of items.  Formal clothes are packed differently from sport wear- and we know how to properly pack them.  We bag your precious furniture and mattresses. We use special wardrobe boxes and crates for paintings and bottles of wine. Wooden crates are also used for London removals. They are best used for fragile china. Do not forget the bubble wrap!

Successful Removals

Before the Move, it is best to take stock of all the items to be moved. Days before the move, sorting and packing were of your utmost concerns.  Days before the actual move,   our team at Removal Company would have packed and marked the items for moving. The markings will make it easier for you to know the contents of each box for the unpacking.  It would be a lot easier for you if you avail of our full packing and unpacking services for your move.  Our team will take care of displaying paintings and pictures, unpacking the kitchen, the bedroom, living room and more.

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